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Instagram Adds More Similar Snapchat Features

Instagram is going in full gear to rip off what remains of Snapchat, sadly.

In Instagram's latest update in version 10.21 for iOS and Android, Instagram introduces new selfie filters which seem identical to Snapchat's filters.

You can also reverse the filters just like Snapchat.

Android, users can simply tap a button and enable the face filters mode.

Here you can select from a number of filters at the bottom that update and animate in real-time. The copying didn't stop there, Instagram also copied the actual filters.

The filters look very identical to those on Snapchat, they also have the same features like opening your mouth for additional effects and animations.

 You can also record a video with these or take a picture, which you can upload to your story or send in a private message or to a group.

Another "ripped off/new" feature in this update is Rewind, where a video plays in the reverse order.

Other additions include adding hashtags to your story photos and an eraser brush.

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