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Mercy Aigbe’s Husband Campaigns For Prison Reforms After Leaving Prison

Alleged wife beater, Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Lanre Gentry is already out of prison.

However, He appealed to the Government to step up and rehabilitate the prisons, saying it is too congested and people die there every day.

He said Government should look for an urgent solution to turn around the prisons instead of getting involved in domestic violence issues

He wrote:

Like I have said earlier in have something to tell the world due to my fresh experience at the medium prison,(kirikirii apapa)but firstly I'll like to glorify the Almighty God for his grace upon my life.....at this moment I would say @realmercyaigbe's effort sending me to jail was another privilege to see,say about all which is going on over there.I think this place should be a rehabilitation centre and not a dumping ground,7days and 7night at d medium prison looks like have spent a whole year inn there..y? Just because our government has a lot to do over there and nothing has been done over there...over 3600 prisoners,where we are meant to have just 1500prisoners.prisoners are now more or less like beggers.I have been there not that am being told people die every blessed day..am here to tell the world to please lets fight this out with our government because I see no reason why tax are being collected and nothing has been produce and provided through all this payment ,is it that they've forgotten this people are still Nigerian citizens?, if I may ask .government shouldn't leave what they ought to do and start involving theirselves over (domestic violence)...I won't say more than this tonight..but more to come every night.I mean no harm to no one but to whom it may concern

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