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Tyson Fury Accepts Anthony Joshua's Challenge

Tyson Fury responded to Anthony Joshua calling him out immediately after his victory over Wladimir Klitschko by saying "challenge accepted".

British Boxer of Nigerian Descent, Anthony Joshua established himself as the world's leading heavyweight by adding the WBA belt to his IBF title with a dramatic 11th-round stoppage of Klitschko in front of an estimated 90,000 crowd at Wembley Stadium.

Anthony Joshua after defeating Klitchsko called out Tyson fury who has been inactive since his defeat of Klitschko having most recently struggled with depression, but he has remained a consistent presence on social media.

"(Tyson) Fury where you at, baby?" Joshua said while still in the ring. "I love fighting. Tyson Fury, I know he's been talking, I want to give 90,000 a chance (to see us), I just want to fight."

Fury tweeted back saying: 'Challenge accepted. We will give the world the biggest fight in a 500 years. I will play with you. You are a boxer's dream'.

In another tweet, he added:

"Well done Anthony Joshua. Good fight, You had life and death with Klitschko and I played with the guy. Let's dance."

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