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"What If I Didn't Wait" Asa Shares Story On Her Encore Show

Nigerian- French Musician, Asa shared her story on her Asa Encore show which held on the 29th of May 2017 at Eko Convention Centre.

Asa shared her story with her audience of ho she got signed.

She said; "While I was student in France, I wanted any chance to perform, to open shows for artists…Any chance at all to sing. I heard about this Grammy nominated group who were in town and found my way to audition for them. When I got to where they were rehearsing, I was asked to wait. It was cold, coming from Lagos, I didn’t pack any warm clothing

I ended up waiting for 10 hours

They had almost forgotten about me and were already packing up when I was called to show what I could do. I poured all the anger and frustrations of waiting into that audition. They liked it and asked me to come open their show for them the next day, it was a two minute slot

After my two minutes performance, I got signed. I later heard there were 5 record labels fighting to sign me that day

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