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Nigerian Files Lawsuit To Compel Senate To Ascertain Buhari’s Health Status

Toyin Dawodu, a Nigerian citizen, has filed a lawsuit to compel the Senate of Nigeria to constitute a medical panel to determine if President Muhammadu Buhari can discharge his constitutional duties.

In a statement dated June 28, he said he instructed his attorneys from Forthright Chambers and lawyers for Citizens Advocacy of Nigeria to file the action [FHC/ABJ/CS/508/2017] at the Federal High Court in Abuja a few weeks ago.

Citing reports that Nigeria is being controlled by a group of unelected bureaucrats, and that Mr. Buhari is in such incapacitation that even his wife is not allowed to see him, Mr. Dawodu said it was possible that President Buhari is being held by his handlers against his will, and that Nigerians deserve to know his current status and whereabouts.

Affirming his love and respect for President Buhari, and praying fervently for God to give him strength to gain back his health, Mr. Dawodu said: “But I love Nigerian more.

I fear for my country, I fear for the future of millions of Nigerians both living and unborn,” adding that hecannot stand by and allow the current leadership vacuum that exists to continue.

He stressed it is now incumbent on the members of the Senate, who were elected, to stand up and be counted to save Nigeria in her hour of need. “I am also urging every Nigerian to impress upon their Senators to discharge their duty by constituting a medical panel as prescribed by the constitution to determine if President Buhari is capable of discharging his duty.”

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