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15-yr-old Maths whizz, graduates university with first-class honours degree

A remarkable student, who just turned 15 last month, has gained a first-class Honours BSc degree in Mathematics from the University of Leicester.

Yasha Asley was only 12 when he embarked upon the three-year undergraduate degree. This week, he joined some 3,500 graduates of the University of Leicester to become the youngest graduate in the University’s history.

Yasha said: “Right from my primary school days I wanted to start my university education early. I love absolutely everything about mathematics and I would like to continue studying. .

Now, at 15 years old, I finished my degree course when children of my age are doing their GCSEs and I am grateful for the opportunity that was created for me. Overall I will have great memories to look back on. .

I look forward to continuing my education here at Leicester by embarking on a PhD in Mathematics in September. Eventually, I would like to become a research mathematician here so that I can continue to enjoy my love of mathematics.”

Yasha’s father, Moussa, who accompanied his son for the ceremony, said: “I am so proud of him- I have waited 14 years for this day. I always knew he could do it.”

Professor Jeremy Levesley, who taught Yasha, said: “It has been a great pleasure to work with Yasha over the last three years. He has integrated really well with the other students, and if I had not known he was younger I would not have guessed. .

He has proven to be one of the best students we have ever had here, so it is great that he is staying with us to do a PhD. On a personal note, I think he is a great bloke, and will go on to do really interesting things.”

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