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How to Start Your Business Using Classified Sites

For all those who don’t know or are yet to realize, classified ads are a main source of clientele for small enterprises, as it is imperative in today's digital world. If you need to find someone to repair your computer, you need to change your car or home appliance, buy or rent a house, fix your air-conditioner, mow your lawn and take down that huge tree that looks like it’s going to fall, what do you do? Many would just not imagine the wonders of what the internet could for you for absolutely no cost. Routed through a platform like classified sites, wait for the big deal.

Irrespective of the media classified ads are viewed through, those little text or image ads are a noteworthy source of clienteles for many emerging, local and small businesses. Obviously, it’s an inexpensive ad placed either in print (newspapers) and in an online yellow page ad (classified sites), the aim of both is to deliver customers who need your product or service. However, the latter is much robust, convenient, free and faster to achieve. More significantly, if your classified ad is run frequently, it shapes future business by making your business name conversant, building your SEO and establishing your integrity in your business niche.

So, what are the main things needed to be done to ensure that you make good use of classified sites like jiji.ng, Postwanga.ng or Olx.com.ng to start your business? Consider this the unusual business developer, far from what you know or what all the marketing classes have ever taught or have discussed.

Put Classified in Your Business Mix

Hello, So, from the minute you considered starting that business and as you assemble your online marketing arsenal immediately have a strategy for your implementing your marketing using classified sites. Make it a point of importance that your online marketing mix is made complete with classified as it offers you a free platform to get clientele.

Create a Branded Classified Business Profile

Having considered and implemented classified advertising in your marketing, make sure you leverage on every internal structure, I mean (structures within the classified site) that helps you brand your yourself using such site. You can create a shop instead of posting one-off ads, you can also use visual branding, text branding as the site permits, this sets you apart from the crowd and gives you integrity and genuineness.

List Your Business Frequently 

Many classified sites always allow your listings to be on the site for a stipulated period of time and this depends on the sites limits. It’s advisable to always know when your ad has expired and as soon as realized re-list your ad. Continuity and consistency is the key of building and marketing a business especially a new one.

Makes some Of Your Listings Sponsored 

Although, some site varies in how they monetize. Get to know how your preferred site helps you promote your listings or shop internally. Typically, they put your ad first right in front of new site visitors and this translate to faster patronage of your good or service.

Lastly, Use Multiple Classifieds.
Today, there exist quite a number of classifieds in various markets or climes. In Nigeria for instance, the likes of Jiji.ng, Postwanga.ng, Olx.com.ng are just to mention a few, always use a mix of these site just to ensure your customer is not lost in another classified while you are just in one.


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