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Rukky Sanda: Speak up when you are being molested

Nollywood actress, #RukkySanda is one role interpreter whose swift rise continues to amaze movie lovers.

The light skinned actress stated that women in abusive relationships should speak up or risk losing their lives.

She revealed that speaking up against domestic violence will make then get heard and get justice.

Hear her:”I think if you’re going through something you need to learn to speak up and when you see traces of someone being violent towards you just try to stop it in the beginning don’t let it get to an extent where the damage is being done.

I think a lot of people feel like, oh if I talk this person will judge me’ but at the end of the day if you lose your life or if something terrible happens to you that can not be taken back that means you’re losing in a greater way.At the end of the day I think we just need God’s grace, be prayerful and if it’s not working, just go”.

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